Row and column sum by easy formula

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Row and column sum by easy formula. By this formula easily know rows sum and column sum are equal or not . This formula easily identify rows sum and column sum right or wrong.

Unique Value Easily Identify

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Unique value easily Identify by conditional formatting a formula . Some time we are need only unique value from report ,If this report range large difficult to manually find unique value. so ,we are use this formula.

Page break,Page subtotal,lastly grand total by a click.

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Page break,sub total,Grand total.
Manually every page break insert row than subtotal is difficult ,if many page in a report. Lastly grand total in last page time waste because Scrolling tab and go to last page . I search this easy way it solve but not find in net .

Number to inches and feet by function .

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Number to inches and feet.
Some time we need how to convert number to inches and feet. It is difficult by normal process but it is easy