Grade Point and Letter Grade Calculation Actual way .

By Md.shaiful islam Talukder | 10:48 PM | |
Grade point pic.
Different time we face how to calculation Letter grade . If Examination held 6(six) subject, one student find for this six subject out of 600 Marks 480(90+80+80+80+75+75) His grade A+ .Another student find 480(80+80+80+80+80+80) also his letter grade A+ . Which is right officiously second student right letter grade find. Because he/She  individually subject-wary  find 80 Marks. So, anybody calculation it base of Total marks Letter grade are not Actual ,I seem. In this Reasons at first Grade Point Calculation subject-wary then average Grade point out ,after than Convert Letter Grade . Download the sheet find details.


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