Ms Excel to Ms Word Data transfer by one click.

By Md.shaiful islam Talukder | 6:06 PM |
Excel to word.
Ms Excel to Ms Word data transfer is easy process by one click.Different time we trouble feel Ms Excel data transfer to Ms word. Manually process at first excel data copy than this data paste word file is boring.So,Use
this Vb code.At first choice which area transfer from Ms excel this area select in Vb code section(Range change as you need)than click button automatic create a word file with data in this folder which folder/drive you work.
Sub proWord()
Dim varDoc As Object
        Set varDoc = CreateObject("Word.Application")
                  varDoc.Visible = True
                  Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:C50").Copy '<---Range change as you need
                  varDoc.activedocument.SaveAs ThisWorkbook.Path & "/" & "Copy Word.doc"

         Application.CutCopyMode = False
End Sub

'--------Md.Shaiful islam talukder---------------

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